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Yann Esposito

email: yann.esposito@gmail.com

my Web 2.0 activities:

Welcome on my personnal site done from scratch. That means I didn't used a CMS to make it.

It is not a blog. All files was done by me. The appearence is done with CSS. You can change the style using the link in the "- style -" block. There is a French and an English version of this site.

More recent activities can be found here: yannesposito.com.

Technical Precisions

Most of this website was done before I was interrested in javascript programming. At that time, I considered javascript to be a bad thing to use. There was portability and security problem with javascript. Problem to index your website...

Now things have changed with the Web 2.0 applications.

My Web 2.0 apps are somehow for "private" use. This is why there is no demonstration of them at that time. But I plan to make some application just for demonstration. To talk about them, said it is a twitter like environment but without login. A kind of anonymous twitter. The post are then forwarded to twitter and Yammer. And everybody receive the post in realtime.

Entirely done with Vim
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