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What is DEES and what it does? Because a good picture is better than a long speech...

visual representation of the preceeding explanation

I had developped an implementation of DEES in C++. This is a multiplicity automata inference algorithm. This program does around 7,500 lines (10,000 if comments are counted)

This is a machine learning program. It take a sample of many sequences (or words) generated by a target probability distribution and return a model (a multiplicity automaton) generating a probability distribution as close as possible of the target distribution.

We can restric the learned model to be:


The main features of DEES are:

DEES has also another features:

If you wish to use DEES send me an email.

DEES uses a library under the GPL, its use is then restricted.

A version without this dependency exists but is far less efficient. This is why I don't give a direct link for DEES, but prefer to be asked for.

DEES was done for experiment theoretical algorithms. It never been programmed to touch many people (there is no UI for example).

Entirely done with Vim
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